O Baby

Lots of exciting things happening at Tell a Little Story. Our Farmer’s Market has moved to 1207 SW 2nd, The Tomato House Market, just north of the old Farmer’s Market downtown. New products in development around here: O, and Outrageous, Over-the-Top, Outstanding healing, moisturizing oil for skin. Calm Balm: Calms Your Skin, Calms Your Life! … Continue reading

First Farmer’s Market Day

Here’s the menu I sold at the market today with the Oklahoma Food Cooperative. I’ll have a similar set up next week, and hope to add Laundry Soap and Dish Soap. I’m working on becoming a Member Producer of the Co-Op so folks can order from me monthly via the Co-Op, and in the meantime, … Continue reading

I’ve gone full hippie

Tell A Little Story is not only my personal blog full of crazy animal lady posts; it’s now the place where I share what I am learning about essential oils and natural body care products. It is also the name of my Etsy shop, which should be open this week! Merry Christmas to YOU and … Continue reading

My return to the stage

I am making my return to the OKC stage next month in the Giving Tree Theater’s production of Paddington Bear. Tickets are available here. More information about the Giving Tree theater is available on the theater’s Facebook page.

This face

This face

Between the cleaning up everything she destroys, trying to keep her from said destruction, and her looking at me like this, I don’t know how I ever accomplish anything.

I love Oklahoma

I love Oklahoma

We are in a severe weather situation in Oklahoma today. The reports for the last several days have been that conditions are ripe for many long-track tornadoes this evening. Therefore, I felt that my best defense was my Gary England t-shirt, right? Best part of the day so far: the local news anchors asking viewers … Continue reading